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SewTites Lite Mix, Set of 3

SewTites Lite Mix, Set of 3

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SewTites 'magnetic pins' are a game changer for english paper piecing - no more hand fatigue or thread caught on clips!

The SewTites Lite Mix packs contain a combination of our new Lite models for people with arthritis and other health challenges – the Libs Elliott Diamond, Lite Star, and Lite Bar.

The SewTites Lite Mix Pack comes in a set of 3


  • Diamond -  .85" x 0.6" (21.5 mm x 15.0 mm) with one lighter strength earth magnet on back
  • Lite Star -  1.15" x .5" (29 mm x 13.5 mm) with two lighter strength magnets on back
  • Lite Bar - 1.25" x .5" (32 x 12 mm) with two lighter strength magnets on back
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