Ruby + Bee Solids from Windam Fabrics

Ruby + Bee Solids from Windam Fabrics

I am so excited to say I'm now stocking the complete collection of Ruby + Bee Solids from Windham Fabrics! These colors were curated from two of my favorite designers, Annabel Wrigley and Heather Ross, and it's said they bonded over the search for the perfect pink. These solids coordinate beautifully with Heather Ross' fabrics if you have some in your stash. Coming in September is the new Kaleidoscope collection from Annabel Wrigley which celebrates these beautiful colors.

I have fallen in love with this line of solids not only for the vibrant colors but the hand - without naming names it doesn't fray like some other solids and has a nice soft feel. 

If you have picked up a charm pack of Ruby + Bee from my shop to test out all the colors for yourself, you may be wondering which color is which. I used my swatch set to ID the colors in charm pack order!

an opened charm pack of ruby + bee solids alongside the swatch cards

names of the ruby + bee solids in charm pack order

I hope this is a helpful reference for you to pick and choose favorites for your next project!


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