Savor the Slow Stitch: Making Time to Sew amidst Summer schedules

Savor the Slow Stitch: Making Time to Sew amidst Summer schedules

Hey there! As summer arrives in the US, I'm getting ready for the changes that lie ahead. With my son's preschool wrapping up soon, we'll be diving into the delightful but unpredictable world of summer activities. Road trips, a hodgepodge of camps, and embracing the sunny days of New England are on the agenda, which means our calendar is about to get pretty crazy!

Now, let's talk sewing. I don't know about you, but finding time for sewing during the summer can be quite the challenge. But you know what? It's essential for me to carve out that 'me time' to recharge.

So, let's dive into some clever strategies for incorporating sewing into your busy summer schedule!


Handwork. You knew I was going to say this, right?! Choose portable projects: Select projects that are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. English paper piecing blocks is a great option! EPP not your thing? Try your hand at embroidery, sashiko, or adding some hand quilting to a small pouch. 

Think Small. Break your sewing projects into smaller, manageable goals. This way, even if you only have short pockets of time, you can make progress and stay motivated.


Make a Date. Schedule sewing time: treat it as an appointment with yourself and prioritize it. Time doesn’t have to mean hours- 15 minutes to play with fabric in the morning while I’m enjoying my coffee can do wonders for the rest of my day. 



Sewing Buddies. Join a guild or find sewing pals who share your passion. Set up regular sewing meetups or virtual sew-alongs to motivate each other and create dedicated sewing time. If you’re like me, an appointment with others is one I’m more likely to keep. I'm part of a virtual monthly meetup with Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild to help me keep my projects moving forward!


Optimize Idle time. Waiting at the doctor's office, the DMV, or during kids' activities? Carry a portable handwork project to make use of these moments. A bag of shapes at the ready and you’ll have an epp block completed in no time. Or tote a set of blocks to seam rip :)


Outside time can be sewing time! While lounging by the beach or pool, bring your handwork along. Camping? Bring that epp! Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and work on your project at a leisurely pace. Consider pre-cutting fabric or basting a bunch of shapes and organizing supplies into a portable kit for convenience. 


Explore local. If you are heading out of town this summer, research local markets at your vacation destination. Even if you aren’t sewing you can be surrounded by stitch things! Explore and discover quilt shows, craft markets or local quilt shops. Every time I’m heading out on a trip I look to see if there is a quilt shop I can visit along the way. You never know what you might find!









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Great tips! I EPP EVERYWHERE! Portability and the peace of slow stitching is what keeps my creative fire going, and it keeps me sane! Happy Summer and Happy Kreating!
Nurse Klassy


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