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DecoBob Prewound Bobbins Size L Master Set

DecoBob Prewound Bobbins Size L Master Set

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Your EPP dreams have come true! Sample all 36 colors in Wonderfil's Decobob range with this set of 40 prewound bobbins (extras of ever popular white & black). 

Bobbins are my secret EPP weapon- plenty of thread for several english paper piecing blocks in a compact size that's easy to take on the go!

What is DecoBob Thread?

This incredible 80wt 2-ply cottonized polyester thread carries a textured matte finish that has been treated to behave more like cotton and eliminate stretch. Delicate but incredibly strong, this lightweight thread ensures stitching becomes less bulky and designs softer while the fine weight also allows for more acute miters and rounder and smoother curves. 

Decobob is the best thread for English Paper Piecing! 

DecoBob Prewound Bobbins

WonderFil pre-wound bobbins are wound with 80wt DecoBob thread in a reusable plastic bobbin, with no glue or wax holding it together. DecoBob makes for an ideal bobbin thread as using a finer weight thread will also minimize the bulk in whatever you are doing, however DecoBob also has the strength, versatility, and reliability you can count on.

They also come wound with a higher density of thread than when you wind your own bobbins on a domestic machine.

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